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TicketPay App

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The TicketPay App has two important main functions which are needed at the day of the event. It allows you to scan the barcodes of the purchased tickets for the authenticity and validity. The application for ticket validation is for free and can be simultaneously used on several iOS devices. Through an online synchronization you are always informed about your current stock – therefore a double validation of tickets is not possible.


  1. Get the TicketPay App on the Apple App Store (FREE DOWNLOAD)
  2. Open the TicketPay App and log in. Use „demo“ for user and „demo“ for password
  3. Feel free to take a look around: Try and scan the QR-Code symbols (showed on this web page) of the tickets in the upper right corner. As soon as the valid ticket is scanned, you can create a new one by refreshing the page